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FoamBustersSpray Foam Removal Service

Most lenders won’t accept properties with spray foam insulation applied to the loft. This is because it can affect the timbers and once applied any damage cannot be seen.
The solution is to remove the insulation and replace this with a standard product and make good any damage caused – before a lender will consider your application. We provide a quick and effective Spray Foam Insulation Removal Service with Same day response.
After the initial contact we will possibly have a company representative with you within hours. We realise how important financial situations can be. After an inspection we shall look for the best way forward for you which will satisfy your potential lender. We shall talk you through all options available to you and the best avenue to take, that will deal with the issues brought to your lenders attention. After the lenders surveyor has carried out an inspection.
We can have our team on site the same day if required. The works will be carried out in a fast and professional manner and we will work with you to help you through what can be a very stressful situation. We may have to work late into the Evening so please be aware the Team may require a continuous supply of cups of tea and biscuits.

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Spray Foam Removal

If you are concerned about your loft, please get in touch and one of our experts will be on hand to offer any advice.

Loft Insulation Extraction

Loft Insulation can begin to break down over time. This can be caused by condensation or water penetration.

Cavity Insulation Fill

We provide advice on installing the correct insulation for your property.

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SOLVED:Spray Foam Roof Insulation Problems And Pitfall

With energy prices increasing almost on a monthly basis, and the weather giving us all kinds of extremes, insulating our homes has never been more important.
This fact has been recognised by the UK government, who have been promoting insulation for many years in a bid to lower energy bills, and make our homes warmer and more comfortable to relax in.
But what if your choice of insulation actually causes more problems than it solves? Many people have concerns about the problems that it may cause. Is it really an issue or are the advantages outweighing the disadvantages?
The Energy Saving Trust estimates that the average UK home can save as much as £300 per year simply by adding insulation to the loft or roof. In most cases, the recommendations are based on mineral wool insulation to a depth of 270mm on the floor of the loft.
When it comes to installation that is applied to the underside of the roof between the rafters, the financial benefits are even more impressive, with the initial outlay recouped within just a few years on average. It is clear, however, that the right application of insulation in your roof can be beneficial – but perhaps the operative word is the “right application”. It is easy to get it wrong, as the following article reveals…

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